LDF INDIA is a premier exposition organised by Aqua Farming Technologies and Solutions and Hitex Exhibition Center. It showcases advancements, innovations, and opportunities in fisheries, and livestock industries for farmers, suppliers, buyers, scientists, consultants, professionals, enthusiasts, and potential entrants.

LDF INDIA is a comprehensive event that aims to serve as a one-stop-shop for the livestock, dairy, and fisheries sectors in India. It offers a range of post-harvest technologies and equipment, including innovative processing techniques, storage solutions, and cold chain logistics, that can enhance the quality and value of the final product while reducing waste, losses, and costs.

The event will showcase the latest waste management solutions and preservation technologies in the meat industry, promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste, losses, and costs in the industry. LDF INDIA is collaborating with esteemed research institutions such as SIFA, MPEDA, NFDB, ICAR, USSEC, ASCI, and public bodies such as Central and State Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Ministries to facilitate knowledge transfer and promote growth in the sector.

India has the world's largest livestock population, the world's second-largest producer of fish, and is the largest producer and consumer of milk globally, with a combined market size of over US$ 286 billion in 2020. The primary goal of LDF INDIA is to bring together the entire livestock, dairy, and aquaculture ecosystems under one roof, enabling knowledge transfer and facilitating all-around growth of the sector.